Gelish Dip Essentials Prep, Base, Activator, Top, Brush Restorer 0.5oz (15ml)


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Gelish Dip Prep:
A natural nail dehydrator. It help balances the nail to a neutral pH and removes any surface oils. Apply one coat prior to Gelish Dip Base, for perfect adhesion and longevity.

Gelish Dip Base Coat:
An optimal viscosity base coat that ensures a fast drying time as well as fill absorption of the Dipping Powder. Apply a thin layer of Base Coat to the surface of the natural nail and dip into your Dipping Powder.

Gelish Dip Activator:
Nail Adhesive Dryer. It helps to speed the drying process by increasing the polymerization rate. Provides flexibility to the finish coat reducing any brittleness, and helps the Top Coat to achieve a clear, glass like finish.

Gelish Dip Top Coat:
It provides extra strength and support to the finished application as well as perfect clarity and a high gloss shine. Contains vitamin A and E as well as calcium to help protect the natural nail during wear.
Apply two thin even coats to each nail and allow nails to air-dry. No lamp necessary to cure.

Gelish Dip Brush Restorer:
Brush Cleaner. A solvent based for fast and easy removal of product build up. If your Base Coat or Top Coat brush hardens during application, place the hardened brush into the Brush Restorer and close tightly, allow to soak for 5-10 minutes. And allow the brush to dry.

Size : 0.5oz/15ml each

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